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Sidney 14th June 2006 04:50

MacOSG:Liquid-Cooled Power Mac G5s leaking
Reports of liquid-cooled Power Mac G5’s leaking have been been popping up around the Net. Ryan Butterworth at wrote, “So, we have six G5’s all ranging from Dual 1.8’s to a Quad G5. Came in to work today and my computer, a Dual 2.5, wouldn’t turn on. It would click on for about a third of a second and turn back off. Thought the power supply went on it. It was only a year and a half old. Disconnected everything and put it on the floor to try a different plug. I tipped the machine up to show a co-worker when another co-worker spotted liquid coming from the rear of the computer. NO WAY!! It was fine on Friday and untouched all weekend.”

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