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jmke 25th April 2007 15:22

[M] Dedicated Mysql server burns through 500W PSU
Our site was offline due to the power supply failing on our dedicated mysql server; Priorweb, our hosting company, was on the case before I even mailed them; the last hours they have been troubleshooting the dedicated server (new PSU will be ordered) and restored the last backup of our database to the webserver. <br><br>

The site may be less responsive as we're running on our single CPU system, but we're online! Thanks go to Jimmy, Cedric and Sander from Priorweb for their quick intervention!

Sidney 25th April 2007 15:32

How did you find such a great support team?:) I was wondering the cause of downtime.

piotke 25th April 2007 15:41

Bizar, any reason why the dually burnt down ? rest of HW intact ? Or no Idea yet ?

jmke 25th April 2007 15:42

I know we could have done a whole lot worse "webhosting" wise, Priorweb has been/is extremely good to us.

The cooling of the PSU failed, which caused it to overheat and initiate a forced shutdown to prevent damage; Cedric (of Priorweb) has already looked at the server to take down notes on the specs of the PSU, and I've asked them to order a new one ASAP.

wutske 25th April 2007 20:19

talking about service :ws: .

jmke 26th April 2007 13:58 (who build our original server which are running on now) is looking for a new PSU, with a bit of luck we'll have the server up and running either just before, or just after the weekend.

jmke 11th June 2007 10:06

we swapped out the PSU... turns out it's not the PSU :) the motherboard was apparently the culprit! New mobo fixed the server.

piotke 16th June 2007 12:47

2 Attachment(s)
The beast is ready:

jmke 16th June 2007 13:24

weird, that server is already in BXL by now;)

piotke 16th June 2007 14:45

Still had the pics on my cam from a couple of days ago. :-)

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