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jmke 26th June 2007 15:33

[M] ACER AL2623W 19" LCD Experience
From this March, I start to research LCD monitors and want to have a new
one, I have the impressive experienced with INX 19JS LCD which is SHARP OEM version 3 more years ago. Same shapes with different logo, the other design and functions are all the same, purchased price is about 780USD.

Unfortunately this company change their warranty from 3 years become 1
year in private without any notice. When this serious problem exploded on forums, many Taiwan retail shops start to decline their products, this brand suddenly disappeared within 2~3 months. The only lucky thing I had is the LCD made by SHARP with great lifetime quality even I lost the warranty.That LCD also have great display quality with SHARP ASV panel, I had never seen any better LCD got same true color and gray level in the normal LCD market. After my researched, the first one I bought is DELL 2407WFP. Comes with SAMSUNG S-PVA panel, the industrial design and function is outstanding, the color is also good after I corrected it.

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