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Sidney 18th September 2007 05:26

A Look at the Tagan ITZ 700W Power Supply
It's been quite a while since we last took a look at a power supply. Power supplies are interesting products -- because often, reviews of products in this category are conducted and tested in methods that make it difficult to distinguish one power supply from another. Many aspects have to be taken into consideration -- of which certain criteria consists of efficiency, noise, power ripple, and of course the ability to pull out the rated specifications. Because many cannot afford such equipment to obtain results regarding those aspects, articles covering power supplies often come out with less than adequate information. We cannot say that we haven't once fallen into a similar trap, although we still stand by our recommendations -- because the products we've recommend were tested with professional equipment which already clearly demonstrated to us that they are indeed excellent products! However, we will go for a different approach as we report on the Tagan ITZ 700W power supply today -- let's have a close examination on the hardware aspects of it, and let other review sites with professional equipment show you the results. After all, the internet is the place for researching your hardware components!

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