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jmke 19th March 2006 03:40

Logitech MX510 Gamers Mouse
Whether you're into first person shooters, real time strategies or even delve into occasional graphics design, you should know that a good mouse is an essential tool in your daily computing activities. In this review we are going to look at the Logitech MX-510 optical wired 8-button mouse. Back before I became addicted to Counter Strike I used basic 2 mice from ebuyer which back then served their purpose fine when I played things like Diablo 2 and Freelancer. But then I started to play Half Life WW2 mod Day of Defeat. I then started to notice the major faults with my mouse. It just loved to jump my cursor around the screen, which while trying to shoot a German in the head, frankly doesn't help. I eventually came to my gaming senses and decided to get a "decent" mouse. After chatting with my other gaming associates I discovered the Logitech MX-510 seemed to be a trend among them, they all had it and highly recommended it. At this moment I knew it was the mouse for me.

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