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Sidney 8th February 2005 03:51

Logisys LED Stove Fan
The concept behind the Stove Fan is the mounting of LEDs directly above the fan blades rather that inside the motor or the frame. That's right, the LEDs spin with the fan blades. The rated lifespan is somewhat disappointing: 20,000 hours. This translates into a little over 2 years of continuous operation which, while more than enough for most users (over 4 years if you turn off your computer when you go to sleep), is significantly less than the 50,000 hours of most other fans. LEDs aside, the fan itself is a bit unusual. It uses 9 straight blades (as opposed to the 3, 5, or 7 curved ones found on other fans) and has a supporting frame on both sides. Both the frame and blades are transparent to allow for the light to shine through.

And here's the link:

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