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jmke 21st December 2005 17:59

Liquid Metal as Thermal Interface Material
I was shocked when I pulled the cap off the syringe and saw that the needle was still there. I had no idea how the thermal interface material could get through an opening that small until I pressed the plunger slightly over the CPU. A drop of the material came out with no problem and sat there like a ball on the CPU. It was at that point that I got a little nervous since it looks just like Mercury. But then I had to think, "What company, whether in their right mind or not, would sell Mercury on eBay?"

Rutar 21st December 2005 18:07

maybe they should have tried the blob in the middle of the CPU method

GIBSON 22nd December 2005 16:38

lol, you can't use it with copper heatsinks, that kind of narrows it down a bit eh

DUR0N 23rd December 2005 00:23

can't use it with aluminium heasinks, that is.

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