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jmke 24th July 2008 09:20

Lian Li Tyr PC-X2000 Case
The Lian Li Tyr PC-X2000 is certainly an impressive piece of hardware, combining a gorgeous and unique design, an innovative layout, simply superlative noise levels and impressive cooling performance. However, there are a few minor blemishes on the face of this otherwise fantastic case, and sadly most of them are directed towards the case’s front fascia panel.

The problems causing the front aluminium panel to bow in the middle really should have been caught before the case went into full production, and it’s certainly disappointing to see such a premium case suffering from case panels not fitting together properly. The fact that the fascia is so easily removed is also a concern, as is the placement of the fan controller, inexplicably placed behind both the front fascia and the dust filter. While we appreciate that the fans might be a "set and forget" feature, we really shouldn't have to dismantle a case to switch the case fans from low to high.

While the case was a delight to fit our machine in thanks a wonderful removable motherboard tray, as we tested we kept finding minor niggles that started to detract from the experience and excitement we’d felt when the PC-X2000 had first been unboxed. The lack of sufficient fastening for the side panels and options for cable routing inside the case are the prime offenders, especially as they are such simple problems to remedy. To see such an otherwise excellent case pulled down by minor design oversights and manufacturing defects is a real shame, but is sadly the case.

Such problems really shouldn’t be present in a case that we’re told will launch at well over £200. For that money you expect the excellent design, ease of use and thermal performance of the PC-X2000, but not the minor niggles that could spoil your purchase. Don’t get me wrong, the Lian Li PC-X2000 is a simply stunning case, both aesthetically and performance wise. It’s just that the minor problems that seem to us so simple to fix, really shouldn’t be there at this price point especially.

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