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Sidney 8th July 2004 21:34

Lian Li PC-6277B computer case
At a glance, the PC-6227B (the B, as usual in Lian Li product codes, is for "black"; there's a silver no-B PC-6277 as well) looks like yet another of Lian Li's mainstream case products based on the PC-60. That case hasn't changed a great deal since I played with pimping one out a few years ago, and much of Lian Li's popular line of sleek, lightweight, well made, aluminium cases still resemble it in one way or another. The all-new V-series cases won't take over the Lian Li lineup that quickly.

The 6277 has more 5.25 inch bays than usual, and fewer 3.5s, but it still looks fairly PC-60-ish.

If you look for a 6227 on Lian Li's site, though, you won't find one.

You'll find a PC-6077 and a PC-6077B, which are pretty similar (the bonsai versions are the 3077 and 3077B) . But they're not the same thing.

The PC-6277, you see, is specially adapted to make it easy to install a water cooling kit. That's not all this case is good for, but it's why it exists.

Check this out for a ready made W/C ready chassis.;)

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