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jmke 3rd April 2006 22:07

Leadtek WinFast PX7900GT TDH Extreme
As we said in our intial GeForce 7900 review, not much has changed since Nvidia's 7800 generation. The card is much more efficient and features a die shrink of 90nm, a higher clock speed, dual-link DVI, and more shaders for the GT series we reviewed here. Leadtek's card seems to be based off Nvidia's reference design like all the 7900 cards on the market today and as it is an "Extreme" cards comes pre-overclocked at a 525MHz core and a 715MHz memory clockspeed. In comparison, a standard 7900 GT comes clocked in at 450MHz for the core and 615MHz for the memory, so this is a nice bump of 75MHz for the core and 100MHz for the memory. That said, this isn't the fastest 7900 GT card on the market as XFX's XXX 7900 at 560MHz for the core and 825MHz memory clockspeed. Of course though the higher the overclock, the higher the price.

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