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jmke 25th May 2004 09:37

LCD Monitors vs CRT Monitors @ PC Review

Many of us have been toying with the idea of switching to LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors completely but a couple of drawbacks of LCD technology have always come in the way as a hurdle. One being its response time and the other being colour purity. The first is of utmost importance to the gamer and the second to those who work on photo editing software. The gamer needs the monitor to have very fast response time otherwise ghosting effects or in other words trailing effects become evident, which until yesterday had plagued the LCD monitors. Not anymore.

Most of the manufacturers have come up with very fast response times and gamers can now consider buying an LCD monitor. As far as photo editing goes, there are some of us who still have to rely on the CRT monitors since the ultimate colour purity that the CRT offers for editing colours cannot be had in an LCD monitor. This colour purity issue may have already been addressed in the manufacturer’s labs but a commercially viable product which an average Joe can afford has not yet hit the market. However if you are a gamer and were waiting for the technology to take off, read on!

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