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jmke 13th September 2004 15:58

LaCie Data Bank: Portable External Hard Disk
Data Bank has its pros and cons as everything in this imperfect world. Out of justice it should be noted that all of them are due to advantages and disadvantages of hard disks of this class, LaCie does its part of job perfectly. Design is developed by professionals, bridges possess sufficiently high speed, there is a low budget model with USB 2.0 only as well as a universal model with two interfaces. But what concerns 1.8-inch hard disks... On one hand their usage allowed to make this storage device so tiny, which is a huge plus. On the other hand, the cost of 1 MB storage on these hard disks significantly exceeds this parameter for 2.5-inch HDD, and thus even the entry-level Data Bank model will cost you a pretty penny. Besides, it's too early to compare the operating speed "classic" mobile hard disks are faster by several fold. But not only hard disks flash drives also reached the level of 12-15 MB/sec, so they can compete in speed with Data Bank and others of like ilk. Optical storage devices are lagging behind once and for all: 16x DVD is of course faster, but it's more correct to compare portative hard disks with RW discs, and they are not in a hurry to accelerate their speed higher than 4x, which gives only 5.5 MB/sec. Thus, as it always happens, the storage device will not be able to satisfy everybody. What users can be recommended to use it? If you are interested in a portative storage device of a sub-pocket size, you need to transport several gigabytes of data at one go, and you are ready to pay a reasonable price, then you really need a device of this class (otherwise you'll have to find something totally different). At present Data Bank has no competitors in its class (at least we haven't heard of them).

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