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jmke 20th August 2009 15:41

Kingston SSDNow V+ Series 64GB Solid State Disk
Just recently we reviewed the Kingston SSDNow V Series drive that uses the JMicron 602 controller which has been reworked by Kingston and Toshiba. The V Series has a very respectable price performance ratio, but it is hardly what I would call an enthusiasts product. Just hours after our review of the V Series Kingston announced their V+ Series of drives in 64, 128 and 256GB capacities. Just like the original V Series press release, the controller used for the product line was not listed. I completely understand the omission from the V Series press release, but the V+ Series does not have to worry about the JMicron reputation since it carries one of the most advanced chipsets on the market today, the Samsung S3C29RBB01-YK40.

The Samsung controller has a unique feature called Self-Healing. The drive is able to cleanse itself of deleted data without being ordered to by the operating system. Indilinx has a similar feature, but there are some strong imperfections that make garbage collection troublesome. The Indilinx system requires a single drive, no RAID support and the drive must be the boot drive. Not exactly the stipulations an enthusiast can live with since RAID is now built into every mainstream motherboard sold on the planet.

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