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Da_BoKa 13th February 2005 15:07

Kingston HyperX Ultra Low Latency PC3200 Review
Removing one of the heat spreaders reveals the bread and butter of low latency memory: Samsung TCCD chips. These bundles of overclocking joy are rated up to 250MHz (albeit at more relaxed timings) and can top out well past that point. An important thing to note is that memory "overclockability" in general (much like processors) is more or less hit-or-miss. Samsung's TCCD chips may be rated for 250MHz and the majority of people who own RAM utilizing these modules can get similar results, but there's no guarantee other than the specified rating. In other words, it's entirely possible (though highly unlikely) that you could end up with a PC3200 HyperX stick that only runs at PC3200.

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