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jmke 13th December 2005 21:56

Kingston HyperX PC7200 DDR900 1GB Kit

Content: "Being (yet again) the fasted DDR2 modules we have tested up to date, I have to admit that these HyperX DDR2 900MHz modules proved that they are the fast. Although the latencies were a bit higher than its competitor, Kingston puts their main focus on higher speeds rather than lower latencies. Besides that, the modules responded well with the voltage but we were a bit dissatisfied to have the voltage increased to 2.1V to do DDR900. Before we wrap things up, we would like to suggest that the HyperX PC7200 DDR900 modules were designed for overclockers, as our results shows. If you plan to buy this kit and run it at default speeds, you may want to look else where because you have to overclock your system to get it to perform. Priced at USD199 / RM760, these HyperX DDR2 modules looks impressive and a quick search shows that these modules are being sold at the same price, if not cheaper than most DDR800 modules! Overall, the HyperX PC7200 DDR900 modules offer high overclockability and best bang for buck!"

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