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jmke 13th January 2009 20:52

Kingston HyperX DC DDR3-1800
When building or upgrading a new PC there are always several options to consider regarding every component. One of the most confusing, for many users at least, is memory. I have friends(as I'm sure most of us do)that have trouble distinguishing between memory and hard disk space, that's not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about all the different options out there. DDR2 had several different categories as the specifications aged and evolved. When DDR3 came about we were faced with an array of choices since the day the first product hit the shelves. Memory rated for different bus speeds, timings, voltages, and of course, prices.

Enter the HyperX line of memory from Kingston. Known for it's higher quality than their base line, it has long been popular with overclockers and enthusiasts. With its higher speeds and tighter timings, it is a favorite among many. With the advent of DDR3 HyperX is available in speeds from 1066 MHz all the way up to 2000 MHz.

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