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jmke 13th January 2004 14:19

KINGMAX Announces Hard-core Series DDR500 Memory Module
Kingmax,Taipei Dec/22/2003 - Memory solutions specialist Kingmax Semiconductor Inc. formally announces the release of a new memory module, which uses TinyBGA package technology - the Hard-core series DDR500 hyperband module. Designed especially for hyperband enthusiasts and skilled game players, the DDR500 stands out for its high-stability data transmission, good heat dissipation, superior performance -- this product is the only option for those who seek maximum performance.

Ever since the Intel 875/865 high-speed platforms became the market mainstream, many hyperband motherboards have hit the market, whose front side bus (FSB) supports more than 1 GB of memory, providing computer enthusiasts with a high-speed computing environment that pushes the limits of bandwidth. After the release of its internationally renowned DDR433 memory module, Kingmax continues to strive for innovation with the DDR500. The DDR 500 has a maximum working clock speed of 250MHz, and is packed with our proprietary patented TinyBGA package technology. In addition, the DDR 500 can reach data transmission speeds of up to 4GB per second thanks to shorter a signal trace length. The DDR 500 reduces noise and cross talk to a minimum, thus greatly increasing the entire system's running efficiency and reliability. Thanks to this product's superior heat dissipation capabilities and comparatively low voltage, it is unnecessary to add any heat dissipation devices. Its perfect "super" speed, stability, and quality allow you to experience unprecedented, extremely high speeds. The DDR500 has already been finalized and tested for hyperband compatibility with all 875/865 and K8 platform motherboards currently in the market. The DDR 500 has shown impeccable performance at its extreme.

Kingmax's Hard-core Series DDR500 Hyperband Memory Module features:
l 184-pin 500MHz (PC-4000) DDR module
l CAS latency 3
l Voltage: 2.6V
l Package of very small physical size, about half of standard TSOP assembly
l Global warranty for length of product life

Kingmax Semiconductor Inc. has long been striving to provide the best memory module solutions and to assist hyperband proponents in eliminating all hyperband memory risks. The Kingmax Hard-core Hyperband Module Series can lower the risks to the memory signal bus stemming from protected bandwidth, and also has enough power to reliably support full load operation. Currently, the Kingmax Hard-core Hyperband Module Series includes memory modules with 256MB and 512MB capacity, respectively, as well as speeds of 466MHz or 500MHz, providing consumers with a full range of purchase options.

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