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jmke 5th June 2008 10:36

Intel won't let Nvidia make Nehalem chipsets
Nvidia's Director or PR, Derek Perez, has told Fudzilla that Intel actually won't let Nvidia make its Nforce chipset that will work with Intel's Nehalem generation of processors. We confirmed this from Intel’s side, as well as other sources. Intel told us that there won't be an Nvidia's chipset for Nehalem. Nvidia will call this a "dispute between companies that they are trying to solve privately," but we believe it's much more than that.

We all know that Jensen, Nvidia’s CEO, officially stated that Intel stepped over the line with its comments about Nvidia. Ever since Nvidia entered into the chipset license with Intel, Graphzilla was concerned with Intel's history of competing, and they would be naive not to. mid=1

Kougar 5th June 2008 21:42

Would hate to be a NVIDIA chipset/motherboard distributor right about now....

jmke 5th June 2008 22:28

NVIDIA will have to partner with AMD CPU platform for SLI chipset; so they'll be building Phenom chipsets; this does mean that Intel sees no SLI action

Kougar 6th June 2008 00:06

Now that some preliminary Nehalem benches are out, can you honestly expect any enthusiast consumer to want Phenom over Nehalem?

The target market for NVIDIA selling AMD chipsets would consist of a large portion of enthusiasts. Without performance to lure the enthusiasts NVIDIA chipsets would need to compete on price or features or both... SLI may help, but I do not think that would be enough.

SLI on AMD system only would significantly hurt NVIDIA sales, and give AMD/ATI a huge edge with their Crossfire/Intel support. NVIDIA cannot afford this.

geoffrey 7th June 2008 13:19

Unless somebody comes along stating he just cracked the NVIDIA SLI drivers for Intel chipset :p

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