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jmke 28th September 2005 22:08

Intel Unveils Last Single-Core Xeon Processor
Intel Corp. unnveiled its new low-power Intel Xeon processors on Monday and said that the chips were the last single-core products aimed at servers and workstations. All the future chips targeted at the aforementioned market segments would be multi-core, according to Intel.

Intel introduced low voltage versions of its Intel Xeon processors 3.00GHz with 55W processor power envelope and 3.20GHz with a 90W processor power envelope. Both processors are targeted at server rack and blade designs where space is constrained and power-efficiency is a priority. The chips are compatible with existent infrastructures for systems with two processors and 800MHz processor system bus.

ďAs we support the transition to multi-core enterprise computing, Intel is already sampling next-generation processors and platforms that will consume orders of magnitude less power and incorporate new platform technologies that deliver leadership manageability, virtualization and I/O efficiency,Ē said Diane Bryant, vice president of Intelís Digital Enterprise Group and general manager of Intel's Server Platforms Group.

In the coming weeks, Intel will also introduce its first dual-core Intel Xeon processor, code-named Paxville. Originally scheduled in 2006, Paxville will deliver improved performance for both dual-processor (DP) and multi-processor (MP)-based servers.

In early 2006, Intel says it will deliver server platform, code-named Bensley, including a dual-core Intel Xeon processor made using 65nm process technology, code-named Dempsey, a chipset optimized for dual-core, code-named Blackford, and technologies that will improve performance, manageability, reliability and productivity. At that time Intel will bring to market a dual-core Intel Xeon processor-based workstation platform, codenamed Glidewell, also including the Dempsey processor, and a new chipset, optimized for workstations, code-named Greencreek.

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