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Sidney 29th December 2005 15:06

Intel to turn tables on AMD on desktop front
Moral, the first half of 2006 is all AMD, no question there. Intel can screw up on the core launch in mid year, AMD can screw up on the 65nm process. AMD will tweak its core a bit, Intel will launch a new one. AMD's vast wattage lead will be eroded but most likely not outright beaten if you take the north bridge into account. The second half will open with Intel having a minor lead, and it will stretch out during Q4. My, how things change.

jmke 29th December 2005 16:22

have to get me one of those crystal balls too;

Gothrek 29th December 2005 16:37

i think its a nice article, but they speculate too much
its true that 2006 will be a nice fight between AMD and Intel, but in this article they dont mention a new core for AMD
i think AMD has some more prepared for us that they show (duh)

the article is too pro-intel
i think Q2 AMD and Intel will be equal
and when 2007 starts the real war will begin

Rutar 29th December 2005 16:40

but they mention an intresting point

The chipset becomes a factor and right now, NV cannot offer a low power chipset for AMD but the bought ULI which does have one.

Gothrek 29th December 2005 19:03

idd, forgotten about that also
also there is some nice conspiray inquirer theory for that
if they can make a 60 mobo it would be a killer imo
is there some info about new amd-cores??
they both have a lot of headroom right now
any fx-60 wil do 3GHz at maximum 1.45 while any 955EE will do 4.2 at a minimum of voltage increase
2006 will be a very good year i think, just like 2002/2003 a lot of new cpu's => price-drops for the slower ones

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