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jmke 15th October 2004 09:05

Intel Scraps Plans for 4.00GHz Desktop Microprocessors
Intel Corp. said Thursday it decided to scrap plans to release the Pentium 4 processor clocked at 4.00GHz, continuing the sequence of product delays, cancellations and major changes of the roadmap. The reasons for the move were decision to focus on some other ways of improving performance and possible inability to supply enough high-speed Intel Pentium 4 chips.

4.0GHz Plans Scrapped, Intel Focuses on ‘Ts’

Intel initially intended to launch its Intel Pentium 4 chip at 4.0GHz clock-speed in the fourth quarter of 2004, which was a highly-advertised and discussed introduction. Then, in Summer 2004 the company said it changed its plans and will release the 4GHz microprocessor in volume only in the first quarter 2005 citing volume, quality and reliability questions. Now, the company says it won’t launch the 4.0GHz Pentium 4 chip on the Prescott core, the latest architecture that powers Intel’s desktop chips, at all.

“We have begun providing direction to our customers on our platform-centric plans that reflect two clear priorities: multi-core products along with key silicon and platform technologies ranging from larger cache products to a family of user-centric technologies we call ‘the Ts’,” Intel’s spokesman George Alfs told X-bit labs.

Intel’s to date known major user-centric technologies are Vanderpool, a virtualization technology, La Grande, a security feature, EM64T, a 64-bit capability for x86 chips, Intel Active Management Technology, a program aimed to decrease cost of PC ownership.

“We are investing heavily in the programs, tools and enabling and consulting services necessary to enable all of these features worldwide. With energy focused on these two priorities, we have aligned resources across our product lines to strengthen our future plans and intensify our focus on quality, consistency and volume delivery,” Mr. Alfs added.

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