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Sidney 6th April 2005 16:06

Intel says no dual core miracle compiler ahead
....................The famous Pentium III 1.13 GHz and faster chips were a prime example of that. When the newly launched P4 1.7GHz was tested against the slower chips, the P3's tended to kick the P4 core around the block. Rather than promote the Pentium III as a socket extending miracle, Intel priced the Pentium III out of everyone's realm, making the P4 the only option.

Intel is one of the largest companies in the world and when it sets its mind to something, watch out. One problem with being so big, however, is that changes come slowly especially on something so entrenched as 'Netburst' and deep pipelines. If a paradigm shift is required, everyone wonders why the rank and file did not point out that the emperor had no clothes.

It seems the dual core processor is going to mean very little to most people, and marginally more to few in the near future. Expect a gazillion dollars spent on marketing, however, to convince Joe Public of the wonderful goodness of the new processors. And I thought we were done with the Blue Men.

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