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jmke 27th August 2004 10:22

Intel Pledges to Detail Dual-Core Systems in September
Intel Corp. is likely to discuss advantages of dual-core systems and possibly reveal some more information about its forthcoming processors with two processing engines at the Intel Developer Forum Fall 2004, a gathering for developers who use Intel’s technologies, that will be held early next month.

Dual-core processors can process two times more data per clock and handle more than one threads at once. This allows the whole system to perform a lot better under high load when running multiply processors. However, software makers still have to learn how to efficiently create software that takes advantage from multi-core designs.

Judi Goldstein, a Technical Consulting Engineer for the Intel Threading Tools in the Intel Software Products Division, will present her key-note “Exploiting Dual-Core Systems: the Intel Threading Tools” during IDF on the 7th of September, 2004.

The study will cover an array of important aspects of using Intel’s tool to enhance performance of multi-threaded and multi-core designs, including such questions as how to efficiently utilize dual-core systems using the Intel Threading Tools, the cost-effective way to deploy threaded software; how to improve productivity by creating threaded software that runs correctly with superior performance; how to avoid common threading pitfalls when porting software from uni-processor environments; how to solve threading correctness issues (bugs) with Intel Thread Checker; how to pinpoint threading performance bottlenecks with the Thread Profiler feature of Intel Threading Tools and possibly some others.

Intel Corp. promised to offer dual-core microprocessors for servers, workstations, desktops and mobiles in 2005. While it is pretty clear that mobiles will be based on Pentium M architecture and officially confirmed that high-end server offerings will use Itanium 2 architecture, Intel so far did not disclose any plans in regards its dual-core chips for desktops, workstations and mainstream servers.

Intel’s rivals, such as AMD, Sun and IBM have already detailed certain peculiarities of their dual-core strategy

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