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jmke 18th September 2008 11:15

Intel plans new Core 2 CPUs: Q8300, E7500, E5300, E1500
In the first month of next year 2009, Intel will launch several Core 2: Q8300 is a 45nm Yorkfield, have 4MB L2 cache, looks just like a Q8200, but frequency is a bit higher, it runs at 2.5GHz.

E7500 and E5300 both are 45nm Wolfdale, E7500 rated at 2.93GHz, L2 cache 3MB. E5300 core clock is 2.6GHz, L2 cache 2MB. The same with E5200, E5300 wouldn’t support Intel Viiv technology.

E1500 is a 65nm Conroe, frequency 2.2GHz, L2 cache is 512K.

Prices of all these Core 2 CPU are also confirmed

Q8300 = 224USD
E7500 = 133USD
E5300 = 86USD
E1500 = 53USD

Massman 18th September 2008 11:20

The E7500 will be damn interesting for overclockers; Imagine 625x11 on ln˛ :eek:

jmke 18th September 2008 11:24

most likely a better deal than the entry level Nehalem which might have locked multiplier and FSB.... to be confirmed

Massman 18th September 2008 11:39

At the moment, every C2D configuration seems to be a better deal than the Nehalem :)

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