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jmke 5th April 2006 17:30

Intel Pentium D 920 Presler Dual Core Processor
It seems kind of strange to sit here and spend an entire
evening testing and writing about a processor that we all know is being
phased out....but here I am, sharing my thoughts about INTEL's Pentium D
920 processor.

The Pentium D 920 was to replace the Pentium D 820 as INTEL's entry
level, or budget, processor. However the Pentium D 920 became caught
between a figurative rock and a hard place. First, the 920 was replaced
as the entry level chip by the Pentium D 805 (which we'll cover in a
future article). Second, featuring great overclocking potential and
improved thermal properties over its predecessor the Pentium D 820, the
920 was cutting into sales of its bigger, and more expensive siblings
the Pentium D 930 and 940 processors

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