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jmke 22nd May 2008 17:24

Intel Nehalem Clocking & Turbo Mode
An intersting aspect to Nehalem is the reports of a "Turbo Mode". While published details are hard to come by, this dynamic core clocking capability is illustrated in the slide below. It appears to be an extension of the Performance States of the Adavanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) specification also know as SpeedStep technology (P-States). It suggests that when load allows one or more cores to be throttled down into a low frequency mode (LFM) the remaining active loaded cores can actually be overclocked to higher than default clock frequencies as long as the default TDP is not exceeded.

FireTech 23rd May 2008 10:03

If true, it seems another advantage of Nehalem.

Four (or more) cores when you need them for multi threading or less but faster cores when you don't.

Kougar 23rd May 2008 11:16

Weren't 45nm mobile Quads/Duals advertised to have this same feature?

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