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jmke 6th September 2007 10:13

Intel launches "Tigerton" quad-core Xeons, new "Caneland" server platform
At a launch event in Santa Clara today, Intel unveiled its new four-socket server platform, codenamed Caneland. The new platform supports up to four of Intel's new quad-core Xeons for 16-way multiprocessing. These Xeons replace the previous generation of Netburst-based Xeons, and if the SPEC benches that are already up are any indication, Intel PR's claims that the new Xeons double the performance of the previous Xeons are true.

There's no question that Tigerton is speedy, and it looks to be the case that on CPU-bound workloads its performance is very solid. What's less clear is the degree to which the new Caneland platform's system architecture is holding this new processor back.

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