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Sidney 13th July 2005 16:23

Intel forecasts Celerons with 512K L2 cache
BY THE SECOND quarter of next year Intel will up the cache on its Celeron cut down range of desktop processors to have 512K of level two cache, it has emerged.
The 512K Celerons will be based on Intel's 65 nanometre Cedar Mill processor family, but will keep the same numbers as future 90 nanometre processors. These Celerons will continue to use the LGA 775 socket and a 533MHz front side bus.

Celerons to come later this year include the 355, a 3.33GHz processor, but that will only have 256K cache. The 355 number will stay when the process is migrated, so we'll have 355s and 351 Celerons by the second half of next year which are different sorts of beast altogether.

The Conroe processors we mentioned in an earlier story today are different beasts from Pentium 4s. According to roadmaps seen by the INQ, they are targeted to bring better multi-tasking, lower power, higher performance and come in smaller sizes.

So it's unclear what the future of Celerons will be after the Conroes get released in about one year's time.

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