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jmke 18th March 2005 12:02

Intel dual core may play games slower
CURRENT GAMES don't care much about multithreading and dual core processing. That's the biggest problem that Intel has to face now at the dawn of its dual core CPU generation.
Intel's soon to be announced Smithfield is going to work at 3.2 GHz only and even though it will have two cores it will eventually end up slower for gaming. Most of today's games engines don't have any kind of support for dual core processing and won't benefit much from the second core.

We strongly believe that Intel will work hard with game developers to ensure that future games will end up with support for dual core as we are sure that if you program it right you will be able to use the second core for some of the operations. I bet that Intel is pushing developers to take benefit of the second core as we speak.

Officially branded as the Pentium D, CPU codenamed Smithfield is 3.2 GHz CPU times two. You will end up with 3.2 GHz versus an existing 3.8 GHz single core CPU. We learned that existing single core CPUs, such as 570 and 670, both clocked at 3.8 GHz might end up much faster for current games and benchmarks.

The second problem comes for Intel's Extreme Edition, again clocked at 3.2GHz, but a dual core with its FSB down clocked to 800 MHz that has to compete against FSB 1066MHz 3.73GHz CPU.

It's going to be nasty but dual core is the path that Intel and AMD have both chosen. It may be difficult for the chip firms to explain why those CPUs are actually slower in games but for most of the other applications dual core CPUs are the right thing, and will boost multithreading applications big time. AMD, on the other hand, might not face such a big problem as it will start at 2.4GHz with its dual core chips which is the shipping speed of its flagship 4000+ now.

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