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Sidney 26th August 2004 03:16

Intel D925XCV LGA775 P4 925X Alderwood Motherboard
Today I have the pleasure of taking a step into Intel's new LGA775 backyard and review their top of the line Alderwood motherboard based on the new Intel 925X Express chipset formally released in June. What the Alderwood brings to the table is the new LGA775 pin configuration Intel P4, the new faster DDR2 memory and lets not forget the PCI Express videocard specification everyone has been talking about.

If you are considering a migration to the new 925X chipset, please remember that this will be a considerable investment. With the new motherboard you will have to purchase the new LGA775 based P4 along with DDR2 memory and a new PCI Express videocard. If you don't want to upgrade your memory and videocard, there are a couple of Canterwood 875P based motherboards coming onto the market which will allow you to keep everything but the new LGA775 processor.

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