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jmke 31st December 2008 10:16

Intel CPU Pricing Revealed
Intel has just posted its new processor price list for December 2008. (src: HardOCP)

Full Price listing downloadable here:

Kougar 31st December 2008 18:45

So where does the "new" part come in? Not a single price changed. ;)

jmke 1st January 2009 18:29

on page 2 of the PDF there are new mobile CPUs...:)

Kougar 1st January 2009 18:51

Heard about those, but title of the thread made it sound like pricing had changed. Emphasis on this thread was about price, not new CPUs. ;)

jmke 1st January 2009 18:53

it's their new pricing, but they are not reducing them;)

FireTech 1st January 2009 21:54

Have to agree with Kougar - the thread title needs to be changed because the Intel pricing certainly hasn't! :D

BUT at least prices didn't go up.....

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