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jmke 22nd January 2010 10:35

Intel Core i5-750 review
A few years ago, owning a dual core processor was something to
be particularly proud of. "Bring on the dual cores", we used to say, and joke
around referring to the amount of power we could pack under the hood with AMD
Socket 939 based Athlon X2 processors in Shuttle XPCs. We then lit up with a
faint sense of superiority at the mentioning of then-nonexistent quad core
CPUs for mainstream computing. But times have changed. With practically every
computer on the market today equipped with ridiculously high performing dual
core CPUs at bargain basement prices, Intel came around and continued the
cycle of introducing a new generation of even higher performing processors --
first the flagship Core i7 CPUs code named "Bloomfield" on LGA1366, then came
the more mainstream-oriented Core i7 and i5 "Lynnfield" processors on the
LGA1156 socket. And here's the thing: For around $200 USD retail at press
time, the Intel Core i5-750 promises to deliver excellent performance at
mainstream pricing. That being a quad core, too. With clock speed specified
at 2.66GHz, 4x256KB L2 and 8MB L3 cache, a controller for dual channel DDR3
memory, and an excellent reputation for incredible overclocking potential,
how well does this product based on Intel's 45nm Nehalem architecture fare
against the once flagship Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 of the last generation?
Read on to find out!

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