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jmke 18th May 2006 16:02

Intel Core Duo Overclocking Experience
Thanks to AOpen i975Xa-YDG mainboard we managed to conduct a number of overclocking experiments on our Intel Core Duo T2600 processor. Overclocking proved to have significantly raised the performance of this mobile dual-core processor so that we could place it on the same level with the fastest Intel Pentium Extreme Edition and AMD Athlon 64 FX processors.

Some time ago we posted an article devoted to the possible use of dual-core mobile Core Duo processors (aka Yonah) in desktop platforms. Intel made it possible through active promotion of their Viiv platform. According to this concept the notebook processor models can officially be used in multimedia platforms. Note that the mobile Core Duo processor that has inherited its microarchitecture from the Pentium M solution proved pretty competitive in our test session. Its performance turned out up to the level of desktop processors from the same price group, however, unlike competitors, Core Duo could boast relatively low heat dissipation. All these factors summed up gave us a clear idea that Core Duo could turn into a great choice for your home system.

Sidney 20th May 2006 15:20

More mainboard to support Core Duo + the use of DDR (instead of DDR2) + Regular P4 retention = $$$

RichBa5tard 20th May 2006 15:28

Why ddr instead of ddr2? I know it's only marginally faster, but it's not more expensive and has more future...?

jmke 20th May 2006 15:36

more peeps have DDR1 , making an upgrade cheaper.

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