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jmke 7th April 2005 11:54

Intel commissions Futuremark development
HEXUS has learned that we are close to seeing the first 'multi-threaded' benchmark available for consumers. This will enable consumers to see then performance of a threaded gaming environment. This demo/application, commissioned by Intel, will be called Mechanoids. It is based on a series of droids moving around the screen which stresses the system in different ways.

This commission is a direct one and more than just Intel being a member of the BDP program.

We currently cannot confirm the launch date for this application but we hear that it is real soon. Of course, as consumers ourselves, we are wary of the fact that Intel are 'paying' for this application to be created, but as long as it does not unfairly slow down performance of other multi-core processors from other manufacturers, it should be interesting.

With dual-core ahoy at the moment, there needs to be a shift in the industry towards software development to exploit it, and Intel are working to provide tools to help. However many smart compilers that you have, they will not change something in to a multithreaded program instantly.

We now need to ask the question - will we see a 3DMark05 patch soon which gives us the threaded support, since the new application is based on the 3DMark05 core engine?

Has the prospect of a multi-threaded gaming benchmark got you all excited?

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