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jmke 5th December 2004 13:30

How much system memory do you have?
In your main system , how much memory do you have?
take a pick, and let us know why you are happy/unhappy with what you got!

easypanic 5th December 2004 14:16

512, enough for me till now :)

wutske 5th December 2004 14:19

512mb, tough I would be happy w/ 1024mb (especialy if it's given away (hint hint) (sometimes running out of memory.

jmke 5th December 2004 14:21

2x512MbCorsair PC3200 Pro 1x512Mb PC3200 Mushkin LVLII

a joy to work with:)

Dentnvr6 5th December 2004 16:21

1gig mushkin high perf level II (bh5)
happy with the amount, but there's always room for improvement.
I would like to change them to the V2 (tccd) though

jmke 5th December 2004 16:28

uhm; there is no tangible performance advantage on S754 when running high HTT speeds with memory 1:1. So I would not know why you would change out that memory :)

The Senile Doctor 5th December 2004 17:07

this is a weird poll John, everybody has less then 2049 here...
or am I missing sth

jmke 5th December 2004 17:15

blah; you know how the poll is meant to be; if you vote less then <2049, then it means you got more then 1gb in your system right?

The Senile Doctor 5th December 2004 17:16

my analytic mind was confused :p

StaRflaM 5th December 2004 17:28

1gig value kingston, it's no oc ramm but it's just for everyday use and i'm gonna but 256mb of good ramm one of these months :D

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