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jmke 6th January 2007 11:48

HIS launches X1950PRO based IceQ 3 Turbo Edition AGP Video card
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HIS (Hightech Information System Limited) launches the HIS X1950Pro IceQ 3 Turbo Edition AGP card, features with extra turbo speeding and equips with the latest IceQ 3 cooling solution. HIS X1950Pro IceQ 3 Turbo AGP delivers high-definition entertainment with strikingly fast gaming performance, industry-leading image quality and crystal clear digital video.

HIS X1950Pro IceQ 3 Turbo AGP allows you to get the most from the factory pre-overclocked settings via BIOS, up to 620MHz core speed and 1.48GHz memory speed! Together with HIS latest IceQ 3 cooling technology, it allows you to keep the stunning speed at an ideal temperature and sound level without sacrificing any of the performance.

The HIS X1950Pro IceQ 3 Turbo AGP supports the DirectX 9.0c, Open GL 2.0 and Shader Model 3.0, features like simultaneous anti-aliasing with HDR brings you incredible visual effects and takes you to the next level of gaming experience! Utilizing the built-in Avivo™ engine, it enables you to accelerate the decoding & encoding of the latest video formats such as MPEG-4, WMV9, and H.264…etc., sharing the workload of the CPU.

Equipped with Dual-Link DVI, HDCP ready & Windows Vista™ ready, HIS X1950Pro IceQ 3 Turbo AGP is the best AGP solution on market for the upcoming high-definition gaming experience. It makes system upgrade to Vista™ & HDCP ready becoming possible without purchasing a new set of system, extending the service life with an affordable budget.

HIS IceQ 3 – the best air cooling solution

HIS IceQ 3 is the 3rd generation of IceQ cooling technology that endorsed by worldwide media. HIS IceQ 3 innovative design doubles the strength to its predecessor.

1. Innovative design: Significantly improve cooling performance and lower weight.
2. Heatpipe with sintered powder wicks: Heat is rapidly transferred from the core area reducing the GPU temperature.
3. Isolated heatsinks: Memory and GPU heatsinks are completely separated, preventing any heat transfer from GPU to memory.
4. Bi-directional air in-take channels: Cool air is drawn from both sides of the fan. Improving airflow. This ensures effective cooling even for CrossFire platform.
5. Ultra silent and durable fan: Significantly reduced noise level and extended service lift.
6. Dual-slot cooling design: Directly exhausts hot air out of PC case.

Available date: 12 Jan, 2007 (256MB), End of Jan (512MB)

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