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FreeStyler 1st January 2003 00:16

Happy 2003!
Goed om te weten dat er toch nog freaks zijn.

TeuS 1st January 2003 00:17

danku ;)

KrewtenŽ 1st January 2003 00:38

feesten als de beesten mensen ;)

TeuS 1st January 2003 00:39

gintonic ownz :^)

biCker 1st January 2003 01:01

five stars Asbach owns....

btw, the forum time has gone nuts again...

TerAngreal 1st January 2003 04:13

Chivas Regal 12yr ain't bad for a change ...

greetings ende gelukkigen nievenjaere to all of you out there !

Bosw8er 1st January 2003 13:52

Owing to heavy hangovers the entire forum will be a non-shouting area for today.
Everyone using big letters or caps today will be kicked and banned ... and visited by our swat-team.


TerAngreal 1st January 2003 14:15


Originally posted by Bosw8er
... and visited by our swat-team.

somewhere tomorrow, when they can stand on their feet again :rod:

jmke 1st January 2003 17:03

Happy Newyear peeps,

/me back home after... 24h! of partying :)

PowerMac 1st January 2003 21:40

Happy new year to you all!!! :banana: :banana: :banana:

ModdiN MansoN 1st January 2003 22:50

a happy NewYear dudes :hello:

DJ-EviL 2nd January 2003 01:36

Happy newyear :^)

PlayboY 3rd January 2003 09:36

happy newyear :banana:

still recovering from major party

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