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jmke 2nd March 2006 13:23

Half Life 2 mods overview
whether Half Life 2 was your favourite or most loathed game of 2004/2005, the promise for user-created content that the Source engine and Software Development Kit deliver cannot be ignored.

In an exclusive 18-page article, Techconnect Magazine explores the best Half Life 2 mods out there, from the latest episodes, to the most awesome total conversions, reviewing each in turn, and guiding gamers on the path to getting the most out of their Half Life 2 purchase.


Quote: '....from WWII-based shooters, to fantasy worlds with telekinetic witches, there is a project out there to suit just about every gaming preference, extending the gameís value exponentially, with extra episodes to play in the Half Life 2 universe, or new, fantastic voyages to virgin gaming lands. Letís jump into the rabbit hole, and see what else we can take our crowbars to.'

DUR0N 2nd March 2006 14:08

fails for not including svencoop.

jmke 2nd March 2006 14:10

duron fails for not including links to [g]svencoop[/g] in his comment;p

Rutar 3rd March 2006 09:16

I'm still waiting for spatial fear :(

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