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jmke 24th June 2008 14:39

Hack yourself an Always on USB Charge Port
It seems like everything, whether it is your iPod, digital camera or a PMP, has a USB charger. No need looking for your wall wart charger and an empty wall outlet, just plug it in the USB port of your computer. While this works great most of the time, what if your computer is shutdown? Do you start up the computer just to charge the device or do you look for the charger? Now you have a third option.<br>
When your PC is shutdown, all power supply rails are also shutdown with the exception of the +5vdc standby (+5vsb). The +5vsb rail supplies power whether the computer is running or shutdown. While the typical motherboard draws 500ma from the +5vsb rail, most power supplies are capable of supplying 1.5 - 2.0+ amps for +5vsb. We will be taking advantage of this excess capacity.

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