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jmke 4th December 2008 18:49

GTAgate: How Was It For You?
Eventually I established that manually installing a .NET update might fix it. Another 20 minutes of downloading, installing and screaming later, I was past the mysterious fatal error, and amazingly this managed to be the first ever Games For Windows Live game that accepted the Live login I have for my Xbox. Hooray! Achievements, or something. Then it started repeatedly telling me that it needed to restart due to some account change, but would just just carry on regardless when I pressed enter. Huh.

Finally, after a tortously long loading wait, I get to watch the intro. It looks great and runs smoothly. Then, at last, Iím in car, ready to drive. Except itís now only running at 1fps. As a final indignity, it crashes to desktop 10 seconds later. And there I rest. I suspect Iím now beyond caring.

Itís interesting that none of us who reviewed it (my write-upís in the latest PC Format, where Iím significantly less forgiving of the multiple login doormen than others were) didnít hit these tech problems in the code we were sent just a couple of a weeks back. The performance was unacceptably sluggish unless I dropped everything way-low, but there was none of these bewildering impasses. We were on a different clutch of activation etc servers and, I think, had a different version of Securom, but the Fatal Errors seem unrelated to that. So did bugfixing after the review code introduce new problems?

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