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jmke 29th October 2010 17:36

Google Docs Users Stopped By Bug
Travellers are furious they can't access their Google Docs due to a major bug in Google's systems. Google has acknowledged that the bug is their #1 top priority to fix at present, though it has been listed in the Google Docs known issues page for almost a week.

The problem occurs if a user has both a personal Google account (such as Gmail) and a company Google Apps account, for their documents and work email. Google recently introduced a feature to enable easier switching between accounts, and if it detects a user has multiple accounts, gives them a screen at login time allowing them to "Select an account to use with Google Docs". However, Google Apps customers have been finding that after logging in to their account, they either can't access their account at all, or they can't open any documents in their Google Docs library.

jmke 29th October 2010 17:37

all hail the cloud? ;)

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