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jmke 2nd January 2008 14:28

Glass shortage threatens higher LCD prices
A CHINESE SITE claimed that the glass substrates used to manufacture LCD monitors and TVs will be in short supply this year because Corning will do maintenance work on its furnaces.

Whether that matters or not is a different matter – Corning won’t want to close everything down all at once, we’re pretty sure about that.

Sidney 2nd January 2008 20:22

I would presume normal maintenance. We used to purchase allot of glasses from France, U.S. and Mexico furance shut down happens on a regular basis, unless Corning tries to get their margin back up. This is unlike petrol refinery shut down, they do that seasonally to fool the consumers so that they jack up the price in the U.S. How do I know? Another company I used to work for purchased ~1 million pounds of petrol wax annually.

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