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Sidney 12th May 2005 04:51

Gigabyte G-Power Cooler Pro
I'm sure that Gigabyte requires no introduction among most of our readers. Gigabyte has a deep range of computer products from motherboards to video cards and have even extended their product line up to include items such as coolers. Hot on the heels of Coolermaster's AQUAGATE R120 review, we have a new product in store for your hungry eyes. On the review bench today is Gigabyte's latest innovation on the CPU cooler front. I was quite impressed with the performance and noise level of the Coolermaster AQUAGATE R120 when its fan was in a slower speed setting, and it'll be interesting indeed to see whether this impressive-looking piece of cooling technology is enough to best the AQUAGATE.

Sidney 12th May 2005 04:58

Two reviews of the same product back to back; what a difference in cooling peformance. Reading reviews is entertainment, educational, product awareness or making me crazy ..... I'd rather choose entertainment at times. :)

wutske 12th May 2005 06:29

Hm, resembles a lot to the XP-120, only difference is the mounting method and the supplied fan.
Provers yet again that it's all about waiting for a leader and then just copy it's design and selling it cheaper with some cheap fancy extra's.

jmke 12th May 2005 08:55

I like this quote

"Although the G-Power Cooler Pro still relies on air to dissipate heat, its design is still quite unique"


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