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Stefan Mileschin 12th October 2011 07:52

Gears of War 3 Review @ Vortez
Gears of War 3, takes place some 18 months after the flooding of the Jacinto Plateau on the planet Sera (Gears of War 2). All human survivors took refuge on boats, ships and the island of Vectes in an attempt to rebuild their lives. It is on one of these ships that we find the remnants of the COG Delta Squad who are beginning to succumb to life without war. A touching moment is when we see Dom tending to his plants which is a far-cry from his previous mannerisms! The silence is soon broken however when a transport chopper arrives on the ship with the COG Head of State, Chairman Prescott who hands over a disc which informs Marcus Felix that his father is still alive but a prisoner of the Locust Hive. And so the story is set with the main task being for Marcus and his crew to rescue his father who apparently has the key to end the Immulsion infection once and for all.

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