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jmke 14th April 2005 11:57

Gamer processor share shows AMD, Intel equal
VALVE Software has updated its Steam Survey, and the results make for interesting reading for followers of the hardware market.
The survey itself measures the different types of hardware that gamers play Counter-Strike with. Currently, there are 850,000-ish people monitored by the survey.

In the video card sector, Nvidia is still a more popular choice for playing on Steam, with almost 51% of the market, with ATI on 41%. With that said, the two most popular cards are Radeon 9800s and Radeon 9600s, so the results could be read either way. Out of the current generation of high-end cards, the GeForce 6800GT is the most popular, being used by 2.6% of gamers. That's below the GeForce 4 MX at 8.3%, but above the ATI X800 Pro at 1.4%.

While we have been berating ATI for failing to ship top-end cards, the X800 XT Platinum edition actually comes in above the 6800 Ultra, at 0.59% against 0.49%.

The processor figures also show the clear preference of the gaming market for AMD. 48% use Chimpzilla hardware, whilst 52% use Intel. Whilst Intel is clearly still the processor leader, it has a long way to go if it wants to take its position to where it is in other markets, where AMD makes up a significantly smaller percentage of sales.


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