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jmke 18th April 2009 09:45

Galaxy GeForce GTX 285 2GB Tri-Fan Graphics Card
It's good to see that not long after the launch of a new high-end product a company has come out and mixed it up a bit. While it's not uncommon for us to see higher end ATI cards make this transition quickly, it seems that NVIDIA partners tend to take longer or sometimes not even bother at all.

Of course, it doesn't help with the obscure PCB design on some of their cards like the GTX 295; fingers crossed that the rumors of a new single PCB dual GPU card is true. We're not here to talk about that today, however. What we have with us is a GTX 285 which in the looks department manages to stand out from the pack. If that wasn't enough, Galaxy thought they would also take the time to strap on 2GB of memory.

jmke 18th April 2009 09:47

no GTX 285 1gb vs 2gb numbers :(

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