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jmke 12th February 2009 19:56

G.Skill Titan 128GB Solid State Drive Review
After using the G.Skill Titan for a week, and the Intel X25-M before that, we would like to give our readers our impressions on both drives in day to day usage. While we did not notice any stuttering with the G.Skill Titan, under heavy I/O situations such as multiple application launches, there was a perceptible hesitation with the drive. For example, on multiple occasions we noticed that opening Firefox would result in a framed window with no contents for approximately half a second, then the program would resume and our homepage load. Disk activity on the drive was pegged out during these hesitations and we suspect that the combination of continual reads and small file writes to the Firefox cache saturated both controllers on the Titan. The Samsung F1 HDD did not exhibit this issue either, but admittedly program load times were far from snappy compared to either of the SSDs.

With the X25-M application loads were nearly instantaneous, even when accessing multiple programs simultaneously. Day to day usage with the Intel X25-M was extremely smooth, with the one exception of anytime we made substantially large writes to the drive. In contrast to the G.Skill Titan there were no hesitation issues, but the overall write speed of the X25-M is somewhat disappointing after you get accustomed to the exceptional read speeds. Early revisions of the X25-M reportedly showed large drops in write performance after extensive heavy usage. Our sample has shown no issues in this regard, even after 3 months of extremely heavy use.

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