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jmke 16th May 2010 16:08

Flashing Your Video Card's (GPU) BIOS.
Unlike motherboard's when you have a failed flash this normally renders that motherboard dead, or bricked. Video cards we can recover if we used the wrong BIOS, if we had a power failure, to having catastrophic computer failure during the flashing process. On today's computers, anything can happen to us during our most vulnerable time. One of these ways is somewhat unorthadoxed, this way is called 'Blind Flashing' or what I like to call ' A Wing and a Prayer Flashing', because we have no idea if the flash took hold until we reboot the computer. What makes this type of flashing more nerve racking we do not know when to reboot the computer, because we can not see anything hence why it is called 'Blind Flashing'.

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