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jmke 3rd January 2008 14:40

The Five Coolest Hacks of 2007
Hackers are creative folk, for sure. But some researchers are more imaginative and crafty than others. We're talking the kind of guys who aren't content with finding the next bug in Windows or a Cisco router. Instead, they go after the everyday things we take for granted even more than our PCs -- our cars, our wireless connections, and (gulp) the electronic financial trading systems that record our stock purchases and other online transactions.

Kougar 4th January 2008 05:53

Not cool at all...

The iPhone hack is really scary... no one would ever know the mic was on and recording/transmitting, for instance... or throw in GPS capability, you can track people accurately 24/7 and they would never know. Would just need to target a few council members for whatever country or senior level board members during a high profile closed door meeting...

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