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jmke 26th May 2008 13:07

First Intel Nehalem has 8MB cache
The first generation of Nehalem desktop processors codenamed Bloomfield, abbreviated BLM will have 8MB of cache memory. As it has shared cache memory, this should be just about enough.

This decreases the amount of cache from the Core 2 Quad generation from 12MB to 8MB, but Nehalem should be able to use its cache wiser and 8MB should be just about enough. mid=35

geoffrey 26th May 2008 17:24

"just about enough" sound like a tight fit, now Intel has a reason to launch 12MB CPU's afterwards :)

Massman 26th May 2008 17:36

Geoffrey's making more sense than Fudzilla ...

Kougar 27th May 2008 00:53

Not once did they mention what KIND of cache... Fudzilla is getting worse than INQ. :)

Consider this. 4 cores operating 8 threads. All 8 threads must share 8mb L3 cache. Make a bit more sense now when saying "might be a tight fit"? ;)

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